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Colin Firth

January 2007

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taste of USA

Vampires and Yellow Volvos

I had a stange dream last night. It was one of those dreams that hovered between a good dream and a bad dream. It certainly wasn't a nightmare but then it wasn't a dream where I was meeting Kirk and Garry Gary. As a bonus, I can't remember all of it just certain parts. I figure I'll give y'all a synopsis and you can anaylize my dream (since shrinks cost, like, a million dollars an hour). It started off at some kind of family function (possibly a funeral or wedding). We were all standing around talking about...stuff and for some reason my grandfather had a very old yellow car (I think it was Volvo, it was very boxy) which is completely left of center because my grandfather hasn't had a car for over a year and when he did have a car it was certainly not yellow. Anyhow, for some reason or another I was going to get the car, which is awesome beause I really want my own car and this one was really freakin' cool! It was, like, vintage old but still ran and only had about 25,000 miles on it which is good for a car that was so old. Plus it was yellow! It was an all around awesome car and it had a bunch of old junk in the backseat that I was also going to inherit. I'm not sur why I was inheriting this car/junk because my grandfather was right there so it's not like he had died and left it to me in his will.

Unfortunately I never got the car because my dream was invaded by a vampire who desperately wanted to either kill me and then suck my blood or suck my blood and then leave me to die. I can't remember what the specific order was but that was the general gist. So I spent some time, in the dream, trying to keep him out of my house. For some reason he kept trying to come in through our sliding glass door so I had to keep running for the door, shutting it, and then holding it closed. I don't know how but somehow I ended up going with the vampire (who didn't look particularly vampirey) back to his vampire lair thingy. He had promised he wouldn't hurt me but wanted to taste my blood. He cut my finger and the tasted the small amount of blood that came from the cut. I don't remember what happenend after that but somehow he turned into Clive Owen and his vampire wife became Julianne Moore (who appeared in her underwear) and they started making out. It was very weird. I don't know how I escaped but I ended up at a very gothic party. Everyone was dressed like vampires, they may have actually been vampires. I was still unharmed but feaked out I think. I was wearing a lot of black eyeliner and at one point I gave my ring to this chick.

I don't remember what happened after that because not long after I was woken up by Bob Saget being interviewed on The Bob and Tom Show. Any thoughts on my bizarre dream?

Not much else going on with me. Bought the INXS tickets yesterday!!!!!! Nothing's gonna stop us now!! Now all we have to do is book the motel and make our signs!

In other news: never read a book/watch a movie because someone tells you it's exactly like another book/movie. See, the first time I watched the Royal Tenenbaums with Daniel and some of his room-mates one of them told me that "Running With Scissors" was exactly like the Royal Tenenbaums. So when I found out that the Royal Tens. was, tragically, not a book I went out to buy the book "Running with Scissors" since it was "exactly the same." Well let me tell you something, it's not exactly the same! It's barely related! The only similarity betweent the two is that both of the families are freakin' weird!! Actually, "Running With Scissors" is slightly distrubing and there's a lot of stuff about gay sex in it. Before I read the book I really wanted to see the movie but now I'm a little bit afraid. I guess I'll just have to see how the book ends before I make a decision about the movie!

Also, the best combination of snack food and drinks is Fresa and goldfish! As a final note: did you know that if you go to a Medieval themed restaurant where, supposedly, "everything is authentic" you can get a Diet Pepsi? Nothing is more Medieval than a Diet Pepsi!


Dang, girl! What'd you do, eat pickles before you went to bed? (My mom always told me if I ate pickles before I went to bed I'd have nightmares)

You must document all that you see at this show! Your gals on the east coast need a fix. :) I hope you have a great time.

This last paragraph reminds me of a Spongebob Squarepants episode. Have you seen it?
I actually did not eat pickles, I had a grilled sub from Charley's (it was sooooooooooo good!), what does your mom say about that? Don't worry, we will document everything for you!!

Oooh, weird dream.

And INXS in March! We have to take lots of pics to show the girls on the community. :D I'm so excited, we have to make our signs! Heehee, "Better than Oasis."
Keep posting stuff like this i really like it