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Colin Firth

January 2007

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Colin Firth

Here It Goes Again

I hate my job! I hate every aspect of it. The only thing I enjoy is the extra money I make from the tips but everything else about it sucks! And I know everyone hates their job but I think my hate goes beyond a normal person's. The jobs eats up my gas, it's putting a bazillon miles on my car and now with this ridiculous car topper it's like driving around with a "Please Rob Me" sign. Not to mention the fact that the people I work with are all morons. I like some of them better than others but, in general, they tend to annoy me. Things between Richard and I still haven't returned to normal, which blows because he was the one person I could count on to make the work day not so awful. Everyday I go in and want to give my two weeks notice but they work around my school schudule so perfectly. It's hard to believe that every place would be that nice about it.

This is a request to all my friends: The next time I say I'm going to mail something to a boy - STOP ME!!!! I don't care by what means just stop me. Tackle me if you have to, strap me into a chair, steal my stamps; no matter what: make sure I never mail anything to a boy ever again. I mailed that ridiculous thing to Daniel last Wednesday and I have not heard from him. No call, no e-mail, no return package. I tried the whole "maybe he hasn't gotten it yet" logic but I mailed it over a week ago and Santa Cruz isn't that far away. Now I'm desperately trying to convince myself that it got lost in the mail because there is NO WAY I'm going to call him and ask if he got it. Maybe he didn' like it. Maybe he finds wind-up, hopping manorahs offensive. Afterall, he is Jewish and maybe he doesn't enjoy the commercialism of his holiday. But if he found it offensive then he really has no sense of humor, wind-up, hopping manorahs are hiliarous, especially if you have a winde-up, hoppping dredel to go with it. Either way, next time I say I'm mailing anything to a boy make sure I don't do it! Thank you for your cooperation.

I seem to be developing a rather annoying cold. I've been coughing all morning and my throat is all scratchy. I'm hoping that it's just from all the screaming I did last Tuesday at Nightmare Before Christmas. I tell you what, 30 Seconds to Mars is quite a band. They may be the strangest live band I've ever seen. The lights were going nuts and I was sure they were going to give me a seizure. The lead singer, Jared Leto (who got his face smashed in by Edward Noton in Fight Club), was seriously nuts on stage. Throwing his water bottles, going into the audience and standing on the seats, screaming at the top of his lungs. It's not ususally my type of music but it was really awesome!!! After their set they went out front to sign stuff and Jessica Harper and I almost died in the rush to meet him. He signed our tickets. Pretty awesome night.

In other news: I love my tiny Christmas tree! It's the most awesome thing since a huge Christmas tree. It's my first tree so I'm extra proud of it. It's fake because they don't breed tiny pine trees. The ornaments cost me more than the tree but I think that's easy to assume no matter what. Ornaments are expensive, that's all there is to it. Christmas is awesome!! Every night on the way to work I pass Christmas Tree Lane and it looks so pretty that I want to say "screw work" and just drive up and down it. Ah well, maybe I'll go on one of the few nights I'm not working this week.

Even though it's been forever since I've written anything I don't have much to say. Much to say that anyone would want to hear about, anyway. Unless you want to know how paranoid I am that Starbucks is secretly taking money from my checking account because there is no way I bought seven tall caramel praline lattes in the last five days. ACK!!!!! Hopefully I can back into the habbit of documenting my life.


Yeah, I rented it from Hollywood Video and my brother and I were watching it! Best thing ever! "Don't you put that evil on me Ricky Bobby!!!" Thanks for the hugs!