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Colin Firth

January 2007

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Favorite Words (Updated)

Ha ha ha! I have added a few more words to my ever famous "Favorite Words List" and I have decided to post them for all of my gorgeous pallies. Feel free to peruse and comment with some of your favorite words if you like.

1. whatnot
2. bologna
3. nonchalant
4. noir
5. multiplicative
6. avuncular
7. cornucopia
8. effrontery
9. heinous
10. pontificate
11. hippopotomous
12. rhinoplasty
13. fork/spork
14. trachea
15. ovulate
16. amoeba
17. shibboleth
18. interpolation
19. infarction
20. dar (made up by Nette)
21. onomatopoeia
22. formaldehyde
23. gangrene
24. globbular
25. philanthropist
26. bodacious
27. groovy
28. ambidexterous
29. existentialism
30. forlorn
31. snogging
32. poodle
33. polka
34. amuck

In other news: tomorrow and Saturday is the big Christmas party where I'm sure we'll gorge ourselves until we can't move anymore. I can't wait! It's been forever since Lisha, Nette, and I had a sleep-over. Plus we're all going to exchange pressies and nothing makes me happier than ripping off wrapping paper.

Worked five days in a row this week. Five days in a row I cleaned our disgusting bathrooms. How could they get so dirty, we have so few dine-in customers. It boggles my mind. I'm starting to think it's our staff, they are our only bathrooms. Thankfully I have tonight and tomorrow off! Plus next Monday we're closed for Christmas and I never work on Tuesday so that'll work out nicely.

Today is one of those days. I seem to be stuck somewhere between depressed and reminiscent. It hardly ever lasts long but it's annoying while I'm experiencing it. I think it's the weather. Yesterday was all sunny and today it's kinda gloomy and still. Not to mention the fact that I'm kinda tired and everyone in my family is bugging me to no end. Maybe I'll go take a nap and that will help.

Here's wishing everyone a great day and a great holiday weekend! Don't get too drunk off you'r grandma's egg-nog. (Of course my grandma doesn't make alcoholic egg-nog, she doesn't even make regular egg-nog; she's Korean. She's probably going to make that weird Asian rice drink that my cousins in Texas love but I find slightly icky! Ah, well!)


I adore your favorite words list. I should create one of my own. You know which words I love? Uvula, melancholy, aardvark, snarky, hottieface, and Jessa!
Awww, thanks Nette! Those are some awesome words! Words are frickin' awesome!
teehee, if you really enunciate the words they sound really funny. I love your lists. :p Hope you feel better soon. I can't blame you for feeling off during this weather; I was a little off today too.

And I'm totally looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow! I decked out the place a little more - they called me obsessive. :p
How about uvula? And putty. Putty is a fun word.

Hope you are feeling better now. :)