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Colin Firth

January 2007

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Countdown to Liftoff


Days until release of Grey's Anatomy Season 2 on DVD: 4
Days until Grey's Anatomy Season 3 premier: 14
Days until How I Met Your Mother Season 2 prmier: 10
Days until release of WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY? on DVD: 19

While I'm obviously excited about all four events the one I'm most jazzed about is Whose Line on DVD. I have been waiting for it to be released on DVD since I started getting into the show back in tenth grade. The only sucky thing is they've decided to realease them by volume instead of by season. So what's coming out on the 26th is only Volume One of Season One which means it's going to take twice as long and twice as much money for me to collect the DVDs. But I'm not complaining, I'm too happy about it to be complaining.

Let's see...what else is going on with me? Not much, just the general happenings of school and work. Today was the best History class we've had so far. We took a test, which wasn't too bad, until 2:30 and then didn't have to come back to class until 3:30 and he let us out twenty minutes early. All in all, it wasn't a total waste of a Thursday afternoon! I didn't have to work tonight, which is awesome because I like having Thursdays off. I'm actually scheduled to work Saturday which is pretty cool because that's a night I could actually stand to make pretty good bucks on tips.

HOUSE premiered Tuesday night and, sadly, it wasn't all I was hoping for. Yes, I'm very glad it's back and that the boys still look as hot as ever but...as far as episodes go I thought it was rather weak. Something was off about the writing and I didn't enjoy the fact they made Wilson out to be a preachy drama queen. That's Cameron's job! BTW: WTF was up with her hair? The people that are in charge of styling her should all be fired. Next weeks' episode looks promising, especially that line about Chase being a moron! Lisha, Nette, and I were discussing the possiblility that Chase may be written to be slightly less inteligent than the others. He's obviously smart, he's a doctor. But some of his actions demonstrate his slight lack of common sense. Sleeping with a possibly HIV positive girl is obviously less than inteligent. Ah well, he's a total smokin' hottie and whenever he decides to dump that stupid ho Jennifer Morrison I'll be here for him. :D Naughty, Jessa!

I guess that's it for now, not much to say tonight! Watching VH1's 100 Most Shocking Moments in Rock n Roll and waiting for them to talk about Micael's death. I'm pretty sure that there is an intereview from Kirk and possible other members of the band. I hope the INXS movie gets made and that it does justice to all the members and their lives. Hope everything is going well for everyone!


I can't wait to see Chase again this Tuesday! Yummy, yum, yum.
Yeah, ditto to everything you said about House. I had to totally agree when House told Wilson, "I don't remember you being this bitchy!" For once, he was completely annoying me! The only ones I actually liked were House and Chase. Someone needs to get rid of Cuddy and Cameron already. :p

So, did they end up having an interview with Kirk after all? :( It's sad, but I was thinking about Michael and his funeral last night. I was listening to my cds and "By My Side" came on and I almost cried. :( I don't know why - that reaction pops up every now and then... I hope hope hope that if the movie does get made, it's better than it's looking to be right now. I also hope the guys put out some sort of statement about it if they're for it. (And that it's not all about Michael's relationship with Paula and Bono!)