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Colin Firth

January 2007

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I know, I know, it's like I've been dead! I got kinda busy and just got too lazy to actually sit down and type out an entry but I felt like I needed to so here it is! Too much time has gone by for me to try and catch up with everything that's gone on but I can cover what's going on right now! How excited are you? I totally am! So, I've been working at Round Table for a few weeks now and it's not going to terribly. I still make some stupid mistakes and still get lost during deliveries on the occasion but I've made some friends that are helping me learn the ins and outs of the pizza business! A few interesting things have happened to me since I started working there. Got hit on by a lesbian, met our child molester (I swear he is a registered sex offender) general manager, lost my car, delivered to a drunk dude, and have hit my quota on shirtless dudes! I swear, I have delivered to so many shirtless dudes that next time I do balloons and confetti are gonna fly out of the pizza warmer. The sad thing is, none of them are ever cute! Most of the time they're old and/or fat! I'm actually excited to be working and making my own money, makes me seem more responsible to my parents. My dad was talking about buying me my own used car if I would pay for the gas and insurance and any minor repairs and he would help out when he could so that's pretty awesome! PLUS, a bill just went through that's going to raise the minimum wage. It's going up seventy-five cents this January and another fifty cents in January of 2008. The only downside of this job is that I can't eat Round Table Pizza anymore, which is a shame since I really like it. No one else at work has that problem but after seeing how it's made, what it's made on, and we clean what's it made on it kinda killed my appetite for it. Plus we have a bit of a bug problem and even though they bombed the kitchen I still think we might have a few running around.

School's not going to badly. Like the classes I'm in...kinda. Music Appreciation is fun but I don't really know anyone so sometimes I get a little bit bored. Having taken piano lessons is really helping me with some of the more technical aspects of the subject and I think I've actually developed a bit of a liking for classical music. English isn't bad, Jessica Harper is in my class and it's been great hanging out with her again. I hadn't seen her since eleventh grade and I've really enjoyed catching up with her. Nicole Burger is in my class too so we have our own little group. I don't care much for the teacher, he's kinda full of himself and tries to be buddy-buddy with everyone; not the best quality in a teacher. History is a pretty big snooze, three hours every Tuesday and Thursday. The teacher's not that boring but I always end up almost nodding off. I'm trying a little harder. Had some coffee before our last lecture and took a lot of notes in order to keep alert. I had a cool reunion yesterday after dropping Lisha off at her music class, I ran into Chad. I hadn't seen him since he graduated over two years ago so it was really cool to see him and shoot the breeze (an expression I've never really understood) for a while. He and Graham work at Office Max and I was thinking about going down there and seeing if Graham was working because I haven't seen him in forever times two.

I think my brother's bones are made of marshmallows. Less than six months ago the dude broke him arm and now he has two broken toes. Karate is going to equal his un-timely death. He's got crutches and the whole deal and he'll probably get casted Tuesday or Wednesday. This also means that he's hobbling around here in a completely foul mood and we have to help him even though he's being a total bastard to everyone. He just sits around and he's all "can you get me some water"; "can you bring me my crutches"; "will you get the phone for me!" I hate the little twerp! And since my mom is his mother she does it and totally ignores the fact that he's being an a-hole about it. She never let's me get away with junk like that.

In other, more cheerful news, I got the second season of HOUSE! The bloopers are just too funny for words. RSL has a few cute scenes and Jesse Spencer is absolutely adorable. "Did you just give me the nod?" I can't wait until it starts up again on Tuesday. Of course, I'll probably be working and not be able to watch in until later. Oh well, better never than later. In other absolutely great DVD news: they are finally putting Whose Line on DVD! I think it's coming out September 26th or sometime around them. The only sucky thing is that it's Season One; Volume One, which means it's going to take twice as long and cost twice as much to collect them on DVD. Oh well, I'm still sooooooooo happy. I've waited for them to put it on DVD since I got hooked almost three years ago.

Off to see Pirates 2 (for the third time) with Nette and Lisha tomorrow! I'm pretty excited! We haven't done anything fun together since Pismo! I love spending time with my best gal-pals outside the drudgery of school.

On a final note: I have found something I enjoy at Starbucks which means I'm spending money there at least twice a week! And since the word 'bucks' is in the title I'm sure you can deduce that they're not cheap! Oh those stupid bastards, making me love their coffee! I guess that's it for now! I'll try to update more often so that I don't have to ramble aimlessly every month or so. Much love to you all.


Pretty new layout, and I still adore that Ryan icon of yours. Ryans are the greatest thing ever. Everybody should have one. And two Johnny Depps. :D Seeing Pirates again was totally awesome, I'm going to be replaying all of the best parts (aka Capt. Jack Sparrow's scenes) in my head during History on Tuesday. That is, unless the teacher man jumps again.