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Jan. 26th, 2007

taste of USA

Vampires and Yellow Volvos

I had a stange dream last night. It was one of those dreams that hovered between a good dream and a bad dream. It certainly wasn't a nightmare but then it wasn't a dream where I was meeting Kirk and Garry Gary. As a bonus, I can't remember all of it just certain parts. I figure I'll give y'all a synopsis and you can anaylize my dream (since shrinks cost, like, a million dollars an hour). It started off at some kind of family function (possibly a funeral or wedding). We were all standing around talking about...stuff and for some reason my grandfather had a very old yellow car (I think it was Volvo, it was very boxy) which is completely left of center because my grandfather hasn't had a car for over a year and when he did have a car it was certainly not yellow. Anyhow, for some reason or another I was going to get the car, which is awesome beause I really want my own car and this one was really freakin' cool! It was, like, vintage old but still ran and only had about 25,000 miles on it which is good for a car that was so old. Plus it was yellow! It was an all around awesome car and it had a bunch of old junk in the backseat that I was also going to inherit. I'm not sur why I was inheriting this car/junk because my grandfather was right there so it's not like he had died and left it to me in his will.

Unfortunately I never got the car because my dream was invaded by a vampire who desperately wanted to either kill me and then suck my blood or suck my blood and then leave me to die. I can't remember what the specific order was but that was the general gist. So I spent some time, in the dream, trying to keep him out of my house. For some reason he kept trying to come in through our sliding glass door so I had to keep running for the door, shutting it, and then holding it closed. I don't know how but somehow I ended up going with the vampire (who didn't look particularly vampirey) back to his vampire lair thingy. He had promised he wouldn't hurt me but wanted to taste my blood. He cut my finger and the tasted the small amount of blood that came from the cut. I don't remember what happenend after that but somehow he turned into Clive Owen and his vampire wife became Julianne Moore (who appeared in her underwear) and they started making out. It was very weird. I don't know how I escaped but I ended up at a very gothic party. Everyone was dressed like vampires, they may have actually been vampires. I was still unharmed but feaked out I think. I was wearing a lot of black eyeliner and at one point I gave my ring to this chick.

I don't remember what happened after that because not long after I was woken up by Bob Saget being interviewed on The Bob and Tom Show. Any thoughts on my bizarre dream?

Not much else going on with me. Bought the INXS tickets yesterday!!!!!! Nothing's gonna stop us now!! Now all we have to do is book the motel and make our signs!

In other news: never read a book/watch a movie because someone tells you it's exactly like another book/movie. See, the first time I watched the Royal Tenenbaums with Daniel and some of his room-mates one of them told me that "Running With Scissors" was exactly like the Royal Tenenbaums. So when I found out that the Royal Tens. was, tragically, not a book I went out to buy the book "Running with Scissors" since it was "exactly the same." Well let me tell you something, it's not exactly the same! It's barely related! The only similarity betweent the two is that both of the families are freakin' weird!! Actually, "Running With Scissors" is slightly distrubing and there's a lot of stuff about gay sex in it. Before I read the book I really wanted to see the movie but now I'm a little bit afraid. I guess I'll just have to see how the book ends before I make a decision about the movie!

Also, the best combination of snack food and drinks is Fresa and goldfish! As a final note: did you know that if you go to a Medieval themed restaurant where, supposedly, "everything is authentic" you can get a Diet Pepsi? Nothing is more Medieval than a Diet Pepsi!

Jan. 23rd, 2007


Anoter Day Another Head-Ache

Oh the joy of Tuesdays! Tuesdays make me want to go to sleep for a long time. It's the only, truly, full day I have. I've got photo at nine and while I like photo a good deal it would be nice if I knew one person in there. Jessica Harper had signed up to take it with me but she's taking way too many units at FCC plus a few more at CSU Fresno so she needed to drop a class. From photo it's a rousing lecture from Mr. Paul Gilmore in Civil Rights History. Woo hoo! Today I made the rather dumb mistake of sitting in the front row which meant that he could totally see me yawning and looking horifically bored. Ironically, I paid a lot of attention today and still mananged to take a whole page and a half of notes while contemplating why Teacher Man only has three shirts. I know that sounds weird but it honestly seems like the guy only has three shirts. After that we had a bit of a lunch break before going off to Bio Lab which is, strangely, worse that the lecture. I don't care much for the instructor guy and he seems to have taken a liking to me which is creepy and off-putting.

Thankfully I don't have work today, it wold just be too hard to run off to work after a totally full day. It's nice to have a day between shifts. It's always hard to go back on Monday after having worked Sunday (or Saturday and Sunday). Work blows in case anyone was curious. I still have a totally inapropriate crush on one of my co-workers, one of my co-workers with a girlfriend and having to listen to his "cute" little couple stories is slowly killing me on the inside. I wish I could find some available guy to torture myself over instead of someone I know I have no chance with. I wish I was better at meeting new people (boys). I think I've been slightly discouage by my latest debacles with guys and the fact that Cute Bio Boy turned out to be a smoker but also twenty-six years old. Twenty-six didn't use to seem that old to me but after all the crap I went through with Ryan (who was twenty-five) I'm in no hurry to do anything with an older guy.

On the 'celebrities I love' front I have awesome-sauce news! Going to see INXS again!!! Yay!!! Less than a year after our first concert and we're already going to see another one. This one is slightly more expensive but it's going to be so much more awesome that I'm already totally excited and have marked it on my calendar in big letters.

I've also developed a crush on Clive Owen! I saw him in Children of Men on Saturday and I've had a jones for him ever since. Unfortunately I have now watched two of his movies that I didn't really care for. Closer was seriously confusing and has invaded my brain with it's strangeness. Derailed was slightly better but that particular genre of movie is not one that I really care for in the first place.

I'm also totally hooked on Fresca. Which is weird because I don't think I've ever had any befor this week. I just bought a case on a whim and it turns out that I totally like it, so that worked out well. It tastes slightyly like Squirt but is slightly more sweet.

TERRIFIC NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!! I can finally listen to "Losing Lisa" by Ben Folds without feeling upset! For the longest time I couldn't listen to it because I equated it with Daniel (the first time I hear it we were in his car). But today, it came up on shuffle and I am now able to enjoy it! YAY!! It's like I'm progressing! Thanks for tolerating my psycho-babble! I love y'all that wear fanny-packs!

Dec. 25th, 2006

Colin Firth

Christmas Time Is Here

Merry Christmas one and all!! I hope you are all enjoying this most festive holiday. My day has been good so far. Slept in, did a little last-minute wrapping, had a relatively pain-free breakfast with the family, and now I'm just relaxing and doing some surfing on the net. Totally excited about tomorrow, taking a day-trip to my #1 favorite place in the world SanFrancisco. Planning on spending some of my hard-earned Christmas money at the Virgin Megastore.

In far more disturbing news: my grandfather is a player. I heard from my dad that my grandpa had gone a date, which is allowed as he is no longer married, but as it turns out the woman was 28 years old. 28!!!!!!!!!!!! Both my parents are insisting it's more of a companionship thing than a romance thing but it's still freakin' weird! She's only nine years older than me!! My grandfather is about to be 89! I seriously doubt that anything will happen there but I was seriously freaked out about the whole thing. I only hope he doens't mention it when we go up there tomorrow.

I wish I was still at an age where I didn't understand what songs meant. Remember when you were a kid and the only thing you knew about a song was whether or not you liked it? Those were good days. Now I think about the meaning of every dang song I hear and I'm very frightened that one of my favorite child-hood songs (Cracklin' Rosie by Neil Diamond) may, in fact, be about a whore! I'll post the lyrics here and you guys tell me what you think.

Whore or Not?Collapse )

The part about the store-bought woman is that part that makes me wonder!

That's it for now. Gotta make some cookies. Here's to everyone's excellent holiday!!

Dec. 21st, 2006


Favorite Words (Updated)

Ha ha ha! I have added a few more words to my ever famous "Favorite Words List" and I have decided to post them for all of my gorgeous pallies. Feel free to peruse and comment with some of your favorite words if you like.

Jessa's Favorite WordsCollapse )

In other news: tomorrow and Saturday is the big Christmas party where I'm sure we'll gorge ourselves until we can't move anymore. I can't wait! It's been forever since Lisha, Nette, and I had a sleep-over. Plus we're all going to exchange pressies and nothing makes me happier than ripping off wrapping paper.

Worked five days in a row this week. Five days in a row I cleaned our disgusting bathrooms. How could they get so dirty, we have so few dine-in customers. It boggles my mind. I'm starting to think it's our staff, they are our only bathrooms. Thankfully I have tonight and tomorrow off! Plus next Monday we're closed for Christmas and I never work on Tuesday so that'll work out nicely.

Today is one of those days. I seem to be stuck somewhere between depressed and reminiscent. It hardly ever lasts long but it's annoying while I'm experiencing it. I think it's the weather. Yesterday was all sunny and today it's kinda gloomy and still. Not to mention the fact that I'm kinda tired and everyone in my family is bugging me to no end. Maybe I'll go take a nap and that will help.

Here's wishing everyone a great day and a great holiday weekend! Don't get too drunk off you'r grandma's egg-nog. (Of course my grandma doesn't make alcoholic egg-nog, she doesn't even make regular egg-nog; she's Korean. She's probably going to make that weird Asian rice drink that my cousins in Texas love but I find slightly icky! Ah, well!)

Dec. 18th, 2006


Emergency Rooms and Tenenbaums

A small piece of advice: if you ever have a medical emergency, don't go to the emergency room. You'd be better off waiting for the doctor's offices to open the next morning because that's about what time you'll get in to see anyone in the emergency room. Don't worry, the medical emergency didn't pertain to me. I came home from work last night and my mother was complaining about her neck. (She's been doing a lot of knitting lately and I think it was starting to affect her neck and shoulder.) So she was icing her neck all evening and then went to bed. Around this time I left the house to go pick up my dad and brother. When I left the house she was asleep but when we got back she was up pacing and, once again, icing her neck. I asked her if she'd taken anything and she said she had but that it hadn't kicked in so I mentioned that I still had some vicodin left from my oral surgery. She immediately gets on the phone to call and ask Kaiser if it's okay to take it. Well, of couse they're going to say "no." It's not her perscription and she could get in a lot of trouble and blah, blah, blah. So they put her on hold and I tell her that I'm going to bed. I'm in bed all of fiteen minutes (desperately trying to get rid of a particularly bad headache that I'd had all evening) when she knocks on the door and says that the nurse on the phone told her she should come in and that she shouldn't drive because neck pain could mean that you're about to have a heart attack and die. You know what that means, I had to get out of bed and take her down to the emergency room. By this time it was after midnight so I was starting to feel a little drowzy but I got out of bed and took her down there. She got all checked in and insisted I go home because she was going to be there a few hours. So I go back home and return to my warm bed. Cut to 3:15 am: I'm sleeping when my phone starts ringing right next to my head. "Come get me, I'm done." Mumble, grumble, stamp, stamp, bang, bang into the car. I drive down there (and I feel I should mention that there are still a number of cars on the road at 3:15 in the morning), pull up to the building and she gets in. "What did they say?" I ask, concerned. "Nothing, I got tired of waiting. My neck started to feel better while I was sitting there." And that, ladies and gentlemen is why I feel slightly cranky and more than a little sleepy this afternoon.

There are eight big-name actors in The Royal Tenenbaums. I dislike five of them, yet I love the movie. I saw it once, with Daniel, while I was staying at his place and didn't remember much about it because I was very tired and had a few other things on my mind. It was on Comedy Central today and I caught the second half and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. And I really enjoyed the music selection so I bought the soundtrack. Most of the music is done by Mark Mothersbaugh who was once the lead singer for Devo and does the theme music for the Rugrats and a number of oter cartoons. After purchasing the soundtrack I went out to rent the movie. I went to the Blockbuster closest to my house and they had it but I was unable to rent it because it hadn't been entered into their inventory! Ummmm...what? How can it be on your shelves but entered into your inventory? Mystery of the universe I suppose but I was sure irritated! I guess I'll rent it tonight after work. I think one of the reasons I like the movie so much is because it is vaguel existential. And while Mrs. Richards may have annoyed the heck out of me last year I am eternely grateful for her introducting us to existentialism. I was hoping the movie was based on a book, but sadly it was not. I would have loved to have read it. Ah well.

I have a rather annoying cold which is going to make work oh so pleasant. Greatly looking forward to planning our Christmas party tomorrow and really looking forward to having the Christmas party this weekend! Should be a blast and a half! Had a good weekend. Bummed about on Saturday afternoon then went to work in the evening. On Sunday I hung out with Greg! There is no word to describe how much I'd missed him so seeing him after all this time was really indescribable. He seems so much taller now. Hopefully I'll see him again but he has a rather full Christmas schedule. My fingers are crossed. Working tonight, which blows but I'm hoping to make some good tip money. If anyone has the time, you should look into seeing The Royal Tenenbaums and try to ignore the fact that is stars both Wilson brothers, Gwenyth Paltrow, and Ben Stiller.

Dec. 16th, 2006

Colin Firth

Here It Goes Again

I hate my job! I hate every aspect of it. The only thing I enjoy is the extra money I make from the tips but everything else about it sucks! And I know everyone hates their job but I think my hate goes beyond a normal person's. The jobs eats up my gas, it's putting a bazillon miles on my car and now with this ridiculous car topper it's like driving around with a "Please Rob Me" sign. Not to mention the fact that the people I work with are all morons. I like some of them better than others but, in general, they tend to annoy me. Things between Richard and I still haven't returned to normal, which blows because he was the one person I could count on to make the work day not so awful. Everyday I go in and want to give my two weeks notice but they work around my school schudule so perfectly. It's hard to believe that every place would be that nice about it.

This is a request to all my friends: The next time I say I'm going to mail something to a boy - STOP ME!!!! I don't care by what means just stop me. Tackle me if you have to, strap me into a chair, steal my stamps; no matter what: make sure I never mail anything to a boy ever again. I mailed that ridiculous thing to Daniel last Wednesday and I have not heard from him. No call, no e-mail, no return package. I tried the whole "maybe he hasn't gotten it yet" logic but I mailed it over a week ago and Santa Cruz isn't that far away. Now I'm desperately trying to convince myself that it got lost in the mail because there is NO WAY I'm going to call him and ask if he got it. Maybe he didn' like it. Maybe he finds wind-up, hopping manorahs offensive. Afterall, he is Jewish and maybe he doesn't enjoy the commercialism of his holiday. But if he found it offensive then he really has no sense of humor, wind-up, hopping manorahs are hiliarous, especially if you have a winde-up, hoppping dredel to go with it. Either way, next time I say I'm mailing anything to a boy make sure I don't do it! Thank you for your cooperation.

I seem to be developing a rather annoying cold. I've been coughing all morning and my throat is all scratchy. I'm hoping that it's just from all the screaming I did last Tuesday at Nightmare Before Christmas. I tell you what, 30 Seconds to Mars is quite a band. They may be the strangest live band I've ever seen. The lights were going nuts and I was sure they were going to give me a seizure. The lead singer, Jared Leto (who got his face smashed in by Edward Noton in Fight Club), was seriously nuts on stage. Throwing his water bottles, going into the audience and standing on the seats, screaming at the top of his lungs. It's not ususally my type of music but it was really awesome!!! After their set they went out front to sign stuff and Jessica Harper and I almost died in the rush to meet him. He signed our tickets. Pretty awesome night.

In other news: I love my tiny Christmas tree! It's the most awesome thing since a huge Christmas tree. It's my first tree so I'm extra proud of it. It's fake because they don't breed tiny pine trees. The ornaments cost me more than the tree but I think that's easy to assume no matter what. Ornaments are expensive, that's all there is to it. Christmas is awesome!! Every night on the way to work I pass Christmas Tree Lane and it looks so pretty that I want to say "screw work" and just drive up and down it. Ah well, maybe I'll go on one of the few nights I'm not working this week.

Even though it's been forever since I've written anything I don't have much to say. Much to say that anyone would want to hear about, anyway. Unless you want to know how paranoid I am that Starbucks is secretly taking money from my checking account because there is no way I bought seven tall caramel praline lattes in the last five days. ACK!!!!! Hopefully I can back into the habbit of documenting my life.

Sep. 13th, 2006

Colin Firth

Human Equations

Do you think one person can replace another? If someone is suddenly removed from your life do you find yourself quickly searching for someone to fill this void? I know people are all different and that one person doesn't equal another but I think that, in most cases, if someone important to us leaves the picture we frantically look for someone to take their place. I wonder how often it works. I would guess not very often because often times the person we are trying to replace is incredibly unique and special to you and filling the hole they left is hard because no one else has that special thing that made the person so special to you in the first place. (Talk about a rambling sentence.) Plus, if the replacement person doesn't work out the way you wanted them to then you have a hole twice as large as before because the replacement will inevitable get busy or something and become inaccessable to you. Then you have all the doubt: "was I right in letting this person go?" Even though you know in your head it was totally the right thing to do even if every night you wait for this person to call and kick yourself, repeatedly, in the head. Nights are hardest for missing people I think. You lay in your bed and reflect on your days and start getting lonely because it's dark and you're all alone. But then, in the morning, you'll feel good about it because it's a brand new and you can make it into whatever you want. (I actually have no idea what I'm talking about but I'm in the mood for some venting.) I think the saddest part about people leaving your lives is that you discover that they didn't care as much as you thought they did while they were in your life. Waiting for a person to call even though you know they won't is probably the worst feeling in the whole world. You know that there's no chance in hell you'll be hearing from them yet you don't dare leave your phone just in case and you leave it on when you go to sleep in case they should call you at 3:30 in the morning. I do have to wonder, though, if they did call would you answer? I'd like to say "hell no!" but I know deep down that I would either pick up or call back later and say "you called?" I guess being strong and independent is really hard. Harder than one would think. All I know is forgetting people, or trying not to think of them, is an incredibly complicated process that probably takes months to complete.

Feel free to ignore this extremely strange rambling, I just had some thoughts clogging my brain drain and needed to get them out. If anyone has something to add please comment!


On a much more optimistic note: I bought the second season of Grey's Anatomy yesterday and am really enjoying getting all caught up on the stuff I missed. It's so funny because the first season of Grey's had a total of nine episodes and the second season has twenty-seven plus, something like, four hours of extended episodes and deleted scenes. I guess it took off a lot better than ABC had hoped.

Speaking of doctor shows: HOUSE was on last night. What did I think? Better than last week's and I'm nothing but relieved to see that Wilson is returning to his normal self. He was so annoying last week I couldn't stand it! LOVED Chase's yo mamma joke and I actually enjoyed Forman this week, I though his interaction with Chase was very well written and entertaining. I'm glad House is back to using his cane, it makes him special and gives him that added quirk. I hope to God Cuddy is not pregnant and if she is I hope to God it's not Wilson's baby! There have been far too many scenes with them standing too close to each other. I'd rather it was Cuddy and House than Cuddy and Wilson.

I have to work for three hours tonight! I'm glad I'm getting a few more hours tonight, I barely worked two on Monday. But then I don't work again until Sunday. If it doesn't start picking up at work soon I see bad things in my employment future. Thankfully the minimum wage is going up in January and then again in January of 2008. I have to say I'm quite pleased with our governator's attitude on this issue and he's turning out to be much better than I expected him to be!

That's all for now! Off to get some eats and watch another episode of Grey's Anatomy before I have to return to school for my English class. Thanks for putting up with my strangeness, am feeling slightly off this morning. Not enough sleep coupled with too much thinking is always bad! Maybe I'll go look at my Colin Firth watch for a while!!

Sep. 10th, 2006

Colin Firth


A survey, since I have nothing interesting to say.

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Sep. 7th, 2006

Math Club

Countdown to Liftoff


Days until release of Grey's Anatomy Season 2 on DVD: 4
Days until Grey's Anatomy Season 3 premier: 14
Days until How I Met Your Mother Season 2 prmier: 10
Days until release of WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY? on DVD: 19

While I'm obviously excited about all four events the one I'm most jazzed about is Whose Line on DVD. I have been waiting for it to be released on DVD since I started getting into the show back in tenth grade. The only sucky thing is they've decided to realease them by volume instead of by season. So what's coming out on the 26th is only Volume One of Season One which means it's going to take twice as long and twice as much money for me to collect the DVDs. But I'm not complaining, I'm too happy about it to be complaining.

Let's see...what else is going on with me? Not much, just the general happenings of school and work. Today was the best History class we've had so far. We took a test, which wasn't too bad, until 2:30 and then didn't have to come back to class until 3:30 and he let us out twenty minutes early. All in all, it wasn't a total waste of a Thursday afternoon! I didn't have to work tonight, which is awesome because I like having Thursdays off. I'm actually scheduled to work Saturday which is pretty cool because that's a night I could actually stand to make pretty good bucks on tips.

HOUSE premiered Tuesday night and, sadly, it wasn't all I was hoping for. Yes, I'm very glad it's back and that the boys still look as hot as ever but...as far as episodes go I thought it was rather weak. Something was off about the writing and I didn't enjoy the fact they made Wilson out to be a preachy drama queen. That's Cameron's job! BTW: WTF was up with her hair? The people that are in charge of styling her should all be fired. Next weeks' episode looks promising, especially that line about Chase being a moron! Lisha, Nette, and I were discussing the possiblility that Chase may be written to be slightly less inteligent than the others. He's obviously smart, he's a doctor. But some of his actions demonstrate his slight lack of common sense. Sleeping with a possibly HIV positive girl is obviously less than inteligent. Ah well, he's a total smokin' hottie and whenever he decides to dump that stupid ho Jennifer Morrison I'll be here for him. :D Naughty, Jessa!

I guess that's it for now, not much to say tonight! Watching VH1's 100 Most Shocking Moments in Rock n Roll and waiting for them to talk about Micael's death. I'm pretty sure that there is an intereview from Kirk and possible other members of the band. I hope the INXS movie gets made and that it does justice to all the members and their lives. Hope everything is going well for everyone!

Sep. 2nd, 2006



I know, I know, it's like I've been dead! I got kinda busy and just got too lazy to actually sit down and type out an entry but I felt like I needed to so here it is! Too much time has gone by for me to try and catch up with everything that's gone on but I can cover what's going on right now! How excited are you? I totally am! So, I've been working at Round Table for a few weeks now and it's not going to terribly. I still make some stupid mistakes and still get lost during deliveries on the occasion but I've made some friends that are helping me learn the ins and outs of the pizza business! A few interesting things have happened to me since I started working there. Got hit on by a lesbian, met our child molester (I swear he is a registered sex offender) general manager, lost my car, delivered to a drunk dude, and have hit my quota on shirtless dudes! I swear, I have delivered to so many shirtless dudes that next time I do balloons and confetti are gonna fly out of the pizza warmer. The sad thing is, none of them are ever cute! Most of the time they're old and/or fat! I'm actually excited to be working and making my own money, makes me seem more responsible to my parents. My dad was talking about buying me my own used car if I would pay for the gas and insurance and any minor repairs and he would help out when he could so that's pretty awesome! PLUS, a bill just went through that's going to raise the minimum wage. It's going up seventy-five cents this January and another fifty cents in January of 2008. The only downside of this job is that I can't eat Round Table Pizza anymore, which is a shame since I really like it. No one else at work has that problem but after seeing how it's made, what it's made on, and we clean what's it made on it kinda killed my appetite for it. Plus we have a bit of a bug problem and even though they bombed the kitchen I still think we might have a few running around.

School's not going to badly. Like the classes I'm in...kinda. Music Appreciation is fun but I don't really know anyone so sometimes I get a little bit bored. Having taken piano lessons is really helping me with some of the more technical aspects of the subject and I think I've actually developed a bit of a liking for classical music. English isn't bad, Jessica Harper is in my class and it's been great hanging out with her again. I hadn't seen her since eleventh grade and I've really enjoyed catching up with her. Nicole Burger is in my class too so we have our own little group. I don't care much for the teacher, he's kinda full of himself and tries to be buddy-buddy with everyone; not the best quality in a teacher. History is a pretty big snooze, three hours every Tuesday and Thursday. The teacher's not that boring but I always end up almost nodding off. I'm trying a little harder. Had some coffee before our last lecture and took a lot of notes in order to keep alert. I had a cool reunion yesterday after dropping Lisha off at her music class, I ran into Chad. I hadn't seen him since he graduated over two years ago so it was really cool to see him and shoot the breeze (an expression I've never really understood) for a while. He and Graham work at Office Max and I was thinking about going down there and seeing if Graham was working because I haven't seen him in forever times two.

I think my brother's bones are made of marshmallows. Less than six months ago the dude broke him arm and now he has two broken toes. Karate is going to equal his un-timely death. He's got crutches and the whole deal and he'll probably get casted Tuesday or Wednesday. This also means that he's hobbling around here in a completely foul mood and we have to help him even though he's being a total bastard to everyone. He just sits around and he's all "can you get me some water"; "can you bring me my crutches"; "will you get the phone for me!" I hate the little twerp! And since my mom is his mother she does it and totally ignores the fact that he's being an a-hole about it. She never let's me get away with junk like that.

In other, more cheerful news, I got the second season of HOUSE! The bloopers are just too funny for words. RSL has a few cute scenes and Jesse Spencer is absolutely adorable. "Did you just give me the nod?" I can't wait until it starts up again on Tuesday. Of course, I'll probably be working and not be able to watch in until later. Oh well, better never than later. In other absolutely great DVD news: they are finally putting Whose Line on DVD! I think it's coming out September 26th or sometime around them. The only sucky thing is that it's Season One; Volume One, which means it's going to take twice as long and cost twice as much to collect them on DVD. Oh well, I'm still sooooooooo happy. I've waited for them to put it on DVD since I got hooked almost three years ago.

Off to see Pirates 2 (for the third time) with Nette and Lisha tomorrow! I'm pretty excited! We haven't done anything fun together since Pismo! I love spending time with my best gal-pals outside the drudgery of school.

On a final note: I have found something I enjoy at Starbucks which means I'm spending money there at least twice a week! And since the word 'bucks' is in the title I'm sure you can deduce that they're not cheap! Oh those stupid bastards, making me love their coffee! I guess that's it for now! I'll try to update more often so that I don't have to ramble aimlessly every month or so. Much love to you all.

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